Spring Ride

Just as I predicted, yesterday, the first day of spring was nice… as it should be. Knowing that I had the day off, and itching to go on a bike ride (ever since buying my new bike), I did just that. I had planned out a route a few days prior and so I followed it on a three hour excursion. The route had 4 main points: 1) The Blood Coven, 2) Highland Kitchen, 3) Davis Square, and 4) Superb Bike shop.

I wanted to bike to The Coven merely to see how difficult of a ride it was and how long it would take me to get there. My thought being that as the weather gets nicer, and events take place over there, rather than drive, I might bike. This lead me to my second destination as well, Highland Kitchen. Not only did I want to see how far it was (by bike) from The Coven, but also, I wanted to see how useful this alternative route could be if I decide to bike there for karaoke nights this summer.

This lead to my third destination, Davis Square, because I wanted to see how far it was (by bike) from The Coven as well, and also, I needed to take the train into Boston so I could then ride to Superb. The reason I wanted to go back to Superb was simple. After purchasing my bike, I visited the Brooks website. I have always been interested in potentially owning a Brooks saddle, but now that I have a proper bike for one, I am beginning to get more seriously interested.

While on the Brooks website I saw an ad for their new Cambium saddle. After watching a vid about it (the one posted above) and being drawn in by it’s beauty and design, I decided that it would be the next bike related purchase I would/will make. However, when I was in Superb last Saturday, when I bought my bike, I paid no attention to their Brooks collection because I was concentrating so much on my bike purchase. After e-mailing them the other day to see if they had one, and finding out via response to said e-mail that they did, I decided to add Superb to my ride/route.

Seeing the saddle in person confirmed everything about it. Its beauty, its size, how it felt; all how I thought it would be. However, upon hearing the price -$160- I decided that it is not a necessity right now. There are other more expensive and more important things in line ahead of it. It’s just an “I want” item and it can certainly wait.


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