Two(?) Days Late

How did I miss this? I literally was just looking to find out information about the new Wolfmother album a few days ago. Then, last night while randomly searching YouTube videos I saw a video for a new Wolfmother song.

I clicked the link, watched the video, enjoyed the song, and saw that in it, Andrew Stockdale (the lead singer) was holding a new album cover. Sure enough, a quick Google search revealed that on March 24th (23rd?) Wolfmother did in fact release their third album.

I woke up this morning and, before I even got dressed, went straight to my local Newbury Comics to purchase it. Unfortunately it was not there. It seems that as of now, the album is digital download only. Hopefully it will be released on CD and Vinyl because I like having hard copies of my music. However, either way, it’s exciting.

The whole album can be listened to on Wolfmother’s bandcamp page. As I’ve been listening I find the songs to be hit and miss, on an every other track basis. I do like that it seems more raw, and closer to the sound of their first album with a bit more punk fusion. Also, I like how the band seems to be stripped down to a trio again. Now all they need to do is come to Boston so I can mosh.


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