Bucket List

So, I realized that I sort of already did this with a blog post back in February of 2013 called Vacation Plans. However, this will be a general list that I will update from time to time of vacation plans and just things I’m doing or that I want to do in general.

Naked Bike Ride – I though there was one happening this May in Portland Oregon, but I guess the next one is June 7th. Yeah, that’s not going to happen… or at least not this year. However, I was watching Portlandia and it made me really want to visit Portland and Seattle. Possible even move there as I know Portland -at the very least- has a huge bike culture and I feel like Seattle does too.

Monaco Grand Prix – May 22-25th;  not gonna happen this year, maybe someday

Mods VS Rockers Chicago – June 13th but a) would have to have my bike running by then and b) just no, too much other shit

Goodwood Festival of Speed – June 26th;  not gonna happen this year, maybe someday

Pikes Peak Hill Climb – June 29th, not gonna happen this year, maybe someday

Undisclosed Plan – this June; since it’s not going to happen, I’ll tell you what it was: A trip to the Nurburgring 24

Undisclosed Backup Plan – this June; since it’s not going to happen, I’ll tell you what it was: A trip to Paris to hang with my friend Thomas

Burton Factory – not so much a “bucket list” thing but I do want to visit it this summer and try and get a job there; hit up Ben & Jerry’s factory too as I haven’t been in a while and am always down for some ice cream.

San Diego Comic Con – this July; not gonna happen this year, already missed the ticket deadline and, just no. However, after looking over the aforementioned blog post, I should have gone last summer. I didn’t go anywhere last summer or do any vacation.

Disney 20th Anniversary Trip – August 8th to the 16th; happening

Mount Baker Banked Slalom – legendary snowboarding event held at Mount Baker in Washington where amateurs compete along side pros for coveted duck-tape. Happens in February

Theme Park Review Trip – maybe next summer (Summer 2015)

Windells Snowboard Camp – hopefully there isn’t an age limit

Australia – have always wanted to go there

Dubai – yeah, just yeah

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics – this is way in the future; I’ll be 31, what the fuck! However, I said I was going to go to London 2012 and didn’t due to money, Mini Takes the Sates, and lack of planning. However, this time I feel I should be able to as a) I have plenty of time to plan and b) I should theoretically be more established and therefore money should be less of a factor. However, I do want to visit Japan before then so I will have done one touristy trip and then one that basically has the sole purpose of seeing the Olympics

Note to self: see also, TextEdit files, honeymoon ideas list, “older list”

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