The Bank of Target

I’ve had the idea for this article in mind for years now. I’ve been waiting for permission to write it, for a real publication, like the Dig, the Globe, etc. However, then I realized, fuck getting permission to do something, to do anything for that matter. I have had a platform on which I can write anything at anytime all along; this blog, this is my proverbial “soap box.” Even if not enough people read it, I will have at least gotten my thoughts and the information out there. Additionally, if ever I get the chance to put it in a real publication, it will already be written. So, without further ado, here is the article.

Target is not a bank, however, this doesn’t stop greedy customers from treating it as such. Coupons are a problem that has plagued Target since I started working there 5-years ago. As a cashier, “couponers” used to bother me because I felt powerless towards them and I felt like I had to stand there and take it as they knowingly rubbed dirt in my face. However, after being there a while I decided to not take it anymore. I used what little power I did have to take the time and examine every coupon the customer had.

I would double check expiration dates, make sure they had the exact product being described, and prevent them from using more than the allowed amount. This would make them upset and that would, in turn, make me happy. Additionally, it typically made it so that when they came back, they would purposely not come in my lane. Now however, after the security breach back in November, Target has really tried to improve the store’s “Vibe” as a means of recouping their customers. This means, essentially, bending to their every wish in order to assure repeat business.

This does not make me happy because it now means that I have to (well… I’m supposed to) go back to getting the dirt rubbed in my face. You might wonder why “couponers” even bother me or how I am affected by what they do. Here is the simple fact, coupons are meant as incentive for loyal customers who buy a certain product to be rewarded for their loyalty by getting an offer that saves them a bit of money on that product. This is something that I agree with and with which I have no issue. What “couponers” do is to abuse this system. Combining offers and finding their way around the loop holes in Target’s coupon policy in order to get the items they purchase for practically nothing.They probably think they’re so clever too. Some even laugh in my face as they see the price go down. Cleverness could not be further from the truth. There is nothing clever about what they are doing.

So, again, why does this bother me you might wonder. The first reason is that most of these people come back to our store or another Target at a later date and return everything that they bought. The system is too stupid to recognize that the items were bought with receipts and thus these customers get their money back as well as the extra money that they had initially saved. In this way, Target is essentially a bank to them. Now I know that manufactures give the money back to Target, and even if they didn’t, Target is a big corporation and they’ll never be hurting for money. What does bother me is how this works for “couponers” from a moral and ethical standpoint.

I work for every dollar that I earn. These people cheat the system for every dollar they earn. Where is the justice in that? You might ask, well, why don’t you do the same thing? Sure, and while I’m at it, why don’t I rob a bank, steal a car, and beat up a homeless person; because it’s morally wrong. You might also wonder, well if it bothers you so much, why don’t you just quit? Trust me, if I could find a full time job or even a decent better paying part time job, I would quit Target in a heartbeat. If this were something that was okay to do, everyone would do it. It is, to me, a disgusting and dishonest way to make a living.

The unfortunate thing is that Target’s coupon policy currently allows for all of this. That is perhaps just as equally upsetting. I feel these people need to be dealt with and made an example of. They need to learn that what they are doing is wrong and that it will not be tolerated. Instead, the exploitation of a simple incentive will inevitably continue, allowing these bottom feeders to skate on by without any consequences for their actions.


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