Knowing that I had the day off and knowing that the weather was supposed to be nice and knowing that I had two Boston related errands to run, I decided to go on a post Boston Marathon bike ride/errand excursion.

The first stop on my list was the Boston Public Library. The story goes that they had a book I wanted and one day, a few weeks ago, I asked my mom, who was going to be in the city, if she wouldn’t mind picking it up for me. Long story short, she tried to check it out using self check out, did it wrong, and ended up taking the book without it technically being checked out. So, I was going back to check it out “legally.”

I left the book in my backpack and smuggled it back into the BPL. When I went through the doors, the alarms went off and the security guard looked at me but said nothing so I kept on walking. I then went upstairs and found an empty corner where I took it out of my bag and brought it back down to the check out counter as if I had found it on a shelf, checked it out, and walked back out the front door.

Next I made my way down Boylston to City Sports. There I found a pair of Limited Edition New Balance sneakers. I would not have known about them had it not been for my sister who is somewhat interested in buying them. I don’t really give too much of a shit about running or that whole track and field sports scene, however, I did want to at least see them in person.

NewBalance890Limited Edition New Balance Boston 890V4; #loveboston

They were pretty cool for what they were, but I am just not into that style. The whole day-glow and sporty look is not at all the sort of thing that appeals to me. Regardless, I snapped a pic for my sister. To my surprise they were only going for $120. However, I guess they only had a handful of pairs left… so, if you want ’em, you better grab ’em fast.

After that I made my way over to Newbury Street. I seem to always end up there and this time I was going to make it my mission to go into every store that looked vaguely interesting to me. However, as I began my walk, I decided not to do that. Instead I went into two stores, the newly refurbished Nike Store, and Jiberish.

StrongerEveryRunNike store window display on Newbury Street; #strongereveryrun

I am not really sure why Nike felt they had to invest in remodeling this store. I thought it was pretty cool and high tech as it was. However, the remodel is even more sleek and modern. It feels really high end and all of the display’s are beautiful. After taking a quick look around, I made my way over to Jiberish, the real reason I was on Newbury.

Jiberish is a clothing store I heard about through the 5th Floor blog that I follow, I noticed that one of their New York sponsors was a company called Ice Cold. They make running and biking gear (t-shirts, socks, sweatshirts, etc.) that has highly reflective designs on them.

JiberishClothing display at Jiberish; 299 Newbury Street

Again, typically this would not be something I’d find cool, but this stuff is actually well designed; in other words, stuff I actually wouldn’t mind wearing. When I looked for their retail locations, Jiberish was listed as the only Boston location, so I went there to see what they had.

Instantly the store is cool. The design is that of a log cabin with wood and copper and trees and taxidermy everywhere. They in themselves have a lot of really nice clothing, so, regardless of the fact that I was there to check out Ice Cold, it was cool to see what they had too. Unfortunately, all they had from ICNY were the socks they make.

Since I don’t really give too much of a shit about owning a pair of reflective socks, I didn’t buy them. However, it was not a wasted trip; the dude I spoke to -Brian- was really cool and the merch they had that was their own was really cool. I don’t really need any flannel, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets or hats right now, but the stuff they had seemed to be very high quality.

Once I was done at Jiberish, I made my way back to the BPL to pick up my bike which I had locked out front. A friend of mine recently moved to Roslindale, so I decided I’d bike to the Jamaica Plain/Roslindale area. I know that these areas have kind of a bad rep, but, apart from things looking rundown, I never felt unsafe. No one hassled me, I just rode all the way down Washington Street from Mass Ave to the Forest Hills station, and then rode all the way back.

BartlettGarageGoogle Maps street-view of the street art/graffiti on the Bartlett Garage on Washington Street

Along the way I saw a building with some really cool graffiti/street art. I didn’t get a picture as I was biking by and had a good pace going so I didn’t want to stop, but I grabbed the Google Maps street-view picture to give you an idea of what I mean.

Lastly, while I was biking back from Oak Grove to my house, I had a sort of interesting encounter. While on Pleasant Street I was passed by a white VW Passat that was being chased/followed by a black Volvo S60 (I think). The Volvo was beeping at the VW and eventually passed her on the double yellow and slammed on the brakes. The VW then proceeded to do a quick three point turn and head the other way. The backed up, turned around and gave chase. I have no idea what it was about or why it was happening, but it was really strange to witness. I didn’t know what to do so I didn’t call the cops. I just hope neither of them get hurt or that they hurt anyone else in the process.

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