God Bless The Children Of The Internet*

So the other day, while watching Armageddon on TV, I saw the actor William Fichtner and was trying to tell my Mom who he was and what else she’d know him from. Well, I thought of The Dark Knight and a certain quote that was a “meme” amongst my circle of friends around the time of its release.

Once again, the internet did not let me down. All I did was search “You and your friends are dead” on YouTube and show nuff, there was a 2 second video of the quote. This lead me to a pretty sweet YouTube channel I wanted to tell you about: Movie Quote Central. A cursory glance at this channel informed me that it is filled with funny and iconic movie quotes that can now be at your disposal with the click of a button. I would recommend checking it out.

*quote stolen from my friend Steve

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