Aston Martin Dealership Adventure

While driving to Waltham yesterday to visit my friends, I passed by a couple of car dealerships that were interesting to me. So, I decided that since I had today off, I would take a bike ride to the dealerships to take a closer look at what they had.

The first thing that had caught my eye on the way to Waltham was a red Alfa Romeo GTV6. The reason I even know about this car is because it is used in the chase scene in Octopussy. I’ve always wanted to own a Bond car, and, apart from the Citroen 2CV, this is probably the only one that you could realistically afford.

GTV6Alfa Romeo GTV6

I stopped by and took a look at it. The car was not in amazing condition, but it could have been much worse. I asked the guy what it was going for, to which he said $8,000. I sort of shut down after this. I’m sure eight grand is a reasonable price, but I can’t really justify buying a car right now. Plus, like I’ve probably said before, I really don’t need a car right now anyway. I’d basically just be buying it to buy it.

SteveMcQueenThe dealership had this sweet painting of Steve McQueen on the wall.

However, it was cool to just see one in person. The next stop was to the Aston Martin Dealership in the next lot. I hadn’t noticed it on the way to Waltham (yesterday), but I saw it on the way back.

DucatiThis Ducati was tucked away in the back corner of the showroom.

I didn’t realize that AM had a dealership in the area. Apparently, according to the man I spoke to, this is the only one in New England (I think).

ZagatoAston Martin DB7 styled by Zagato.

Being the car guy that I am, I always enjoy some face time with rare and expensive automobiles. In addition to the handful of new Aston Martin’s, the dealership also had an older Aston Martin Zagato as well as Lotus, an old Ferrari, and a beautiful Ducati.

Ferrari1965 Ferrari 275 GTS

In the lot there was a silver Mercedes SLS AMG, a red Bentley Continental GT, and white Mercedes 300SL, one of my favorite cars. I must admit however, that after having been around expensive cars a bunch, the thrill of just standing around and looking at them fades. It is still cool to admire them and realize and appreciate the craftsmanship and how expensive they are. But, apart from looking at them and being able to say you’ve seen one in person, I don’t get as much excitement as I used to. To quote BB King, The Thrill Is Gone.

MelroseToWalthamMy route from Melrose to Waltham.

My bike ride took me on an approximately 23 mile round trip adventure. It is surprising to me that long trips like this are becoming less difficult for me. The cool thing is that my body is clearly becoming more conditioned to such a physical demand. Additionally, the ride accomplished exactly what I wanted it to, I saw the cars in person and it got my mind off a girl that’s been tripping me up. Not you Kat, don’t flatter yourself ; )

Oh, and one last thing. So I’m in the home stretch and I notice a thing on the ground fluttering around in the wind. I pass by it and jam on the brakes, then turn around to see if it was what I thought it was. Sure enough, I was right, it was a dollar. It started blowing towards me and then got caught up in some grass, allowing me to pick it up. I then kept heading in the opposite direction to find a driveway that would allow me to get back on the street without having to drop off the curb, and there, on the side of the street was another dollar. So, I picked that one up too. Finders keepers, right? Makes up for the sunglasses I lost on a different bike ride.


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