Dope, but…

Aight, so I feel like a bit of a rip-off because I got the idea for this post from another blog. However, it has to do with biking, and it’s cool, so I’m sharing it. Skylock is a bike lock for the technology era we live in. It uses the wi-fi in your smartphone to unlock itself and can even alert you if there is a threat of theft. There’s a few other cool features too (see vid).

However, there is one slight drawback, the price. The pre-order price for Skylock is set at $159* and the regular MSRP after that is set at $249! Plus, it doesn’t even ship until “…early 2015.” Kind of a long time to wait. Now there is something to be said about cutting edge technology and the fact that they are willing to give a break to early adopters, but still, 250-bucks for a bike lock seems fucking crazy.

*The one piece of silver lining in this ridiculous price tag is that, according to their FAQ page, for every referral you make, Skylock gives you $10. So you can, and I quote, “…potentially get yours for free!”

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