My New Job

So after five years as a disgruntled cashier I’ve now decided to change paths and try my hand at being a bike messenger. I really don’t know if I’m crusty, scrappy, or assertive enough to do this job, but I’ll soon find out. My thought, on the “glamourous” side of things, is that my office is my bike and my office space is the city (of Boston). However, that may be a little misguided. From what I’ve heard, and according to the video below, things might not be as fun as I think they’ll be.

I really want a legit full time job (like with a desk and a work space) and have been searching for one ever since I graduated college. However, since none of those are biting and I don’t want to be a cashier anymore (but I still need some form of income), I figured I’d give this a try. Additionally, I don’t want to sit around all day, unemployed, waiting for the phone to ring. I know that the days are long, the work is hard, and the pay might not be great, but it’s a change of pace and I won’t know if I like it or not if I don’t at least try it out. This is the world I’ve gotten myself into, hope it doesn’t suck.


I wrote this post before ever having started working and was written based the ideas I had about what I thought it would be like. Now however, I have more insight. As to not sure if I’m “crusty, scrappy, or assertive enough” this is not an issue. I don’t feel I need to fit in to the “hipster” bike messenger scene because at the company I work for, I am probably the most hip person there. Everyone else is, for lack of a better word very different from me in both style and personality.

I don’t really fit in, but it doesn’t really matter because 80% of the job I am on my own. The work is actually super simple and it’s not hard to ride around the city and up and down elevators all day dropping off packages and collecting signatures. My phone makes finding my way from place to place super easy and my dispatcher is really chill. Plus, now that I’ve gotten some of the same buildings, I’ve begun to connect the best way to get from drop to drop and even associate the address with their location on my mental map of Boston.

Every building has its own quirks, but once you learn them, it makes it that much easier. The only real shitty day I had was Thursday and that was only bad because it rained… hard, all day. I was cold, wet, and very uncomfortable. I was miserable all day. However, if I can get some rainproof gear, then I will be all set for the next time it inevitable rains.

The only other negative is that, though it is technically “full time” in the sense that my hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday, I am still not fully satisfied because it is not a “career type job” and because I have yet to find my path. Don’t get me wrong, it’s much better than being a cashier (so far), I just wish I had quit Target sooner and had switch to this because there’s so much less bullshit to deal with.

Lastly, though I typically don’t give a shit about money, I will be interested to see how good or bad my paycheck is. Unfortunately the job is commission based and the pay per job is low and also varies from job to job. Not that I made bank at Target, but at least I knew how much I was making per hour there. Here’s it’s gonna be a different story. So, again, we’ll see.

—Unrelated (but somewhat related) side note

In other news, I promised you in an earlier post that I would have a picture of my Bike Polo mallet once it was complete. Well, without further a due, here it is…

PoloMalletStickered up and ready to go. All in this cost me ~$25 but, I have extra materials for a second mallet. Fixcraft charges $25 for a mallet head alone. So it’s worth it to DIY.

Thanks to Legit Bike Polo dot com for the tutorial, and to my Dad for helping me with final details. All I have to do now is play with it and see how it works.


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