Epcot/Boardwalk/Magic Kingdom – Day 3

Monday 8/11/14

After eating breakfast and setting up our Mears transportation for Wednesday at the concierge, Kyra and I met up with Mom at Epcot. Dad was golfing with Michael so we decided to polish off the rest of the park. The first thing we did was to go to Captain EO. Though dated and super silly, the music is timeless and, to my surprise, Mom loved it. I then went in search of the EO t-shirt I’d seen but didn’t buy in 2010, only to find that this, the one souvenir I was planning on buying for myself, was no longer being sold.

Next Mom wanted to ride The Land but I was not into it, so Kyra and rode that while I walked through Innoventions. The side I chose was kind of boring and not very crowded at all. Again, for the most part people don’t want to educated on their vacation. I then walked over to Test Track and saw that the single rider line only had a 10-minute wait. I really wanted to go but I knew the second I got in line, they’d call. And, even if I did get to ride before they were done, Kyra would be pissed that I rode without her. So, I angrily waited for them to meet me outside Test Track before deciding our next move.

Not wanting to ditch Mom this early in the day, we went to the nearby Universe of Energy ride. This 37 minute attraction is a combination of slow moving ride though a land of dinosaurs, and movies starring Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ellen Degeneres talking about alternative sources of energy. (Bill Nye and Ellen were added in the 90s to modernize it but now that’s even out of date. It used to be slightly different but don’t ask me how, I was too young to remember). The ride is not very thrilling but still somewhat fun. It’s nice, now that I’m older, that I’am able to fully understand all of the concepts that are under discussion. Things like fossil fuels, global warming and alternative sources of energy. Additionally, It is a staple amongst our family as it is famous for my sister peeing on it in 1995.

By the time we got done with the ride it was raining out. Kyra and I attempted to wait in the now 30 minute single rider line for Test Track, but shortly after entering an announcement was made that, “due to inclement weather, testing is being postponed.” This really annoyed me because I could have ridden it earlier, but we moved on the World Showcase section of the park.

We started over at Canada, then made our way over to England before exiting the park for a side excursion to the Boardwalk. I like going to the Boardwalk anyway, but this time I had a plan to fulfill a lifelong Disney dream. At the Beach and Yacht Cub resort there is a water slide themed to look like a Pirate Ship’s broken mast. It goes over the Boardwalk and into the resort pool.

Upon arriving at the slide however, I found that it too was closed due to inclement weather. I walked over to the lifeguard and asked if he knew when it might be open. He told me to wait about ten minutes and sure enough, ten minutes later, the sign was down. I made my way up the spiral staircase to the top of the slide. On my way up I passed a troubling sign, “This slide is reserved for resort guest only.” If they were going to scan my Magic Band I was screwed. I got to the top and chit chatted with the female lifeguard for a bit. The water in the slide hadn’t been turned back on yet so I had more tense waiting to do. She looked at my wrist and said, “Oh, by the way, be sure to grab your pool wrist band after you go down the slide.”

Suddenly, the water came back on and shortly after that I was given the green light. I rode the slide… and it was good. Upon exiting the pool, the life guard asked if I was staying at the hotel. “No,” I said. “You can’t ride the slide,” he replied. I just smiled, “Too late,” and walked away.

Achieving this goal put me in a much better mood. After drying off and getting my shoes on, we continued our way around the Boardwalk, checking out some shops along the way. We then re-entered Epcot and breezed through the rest of the countries until we reached Mexico. Ever since the Disney trip I went on in High School with the chorus, I have wanted to eat there. We, Kyra and I, had made it our plan to do it this time.

DinnerInMexicoDinner in Mexico.

We entered the pavilion and asked for a seat. The man gave us a buzzer and told us it was a twenty minute wait and that the buzzer would only work inside the building. Seeing that there was no line for the boat ride, we got on. After only riding a short time, our buzzer went off. What was the deal with twenty minute waits being less than five!? We anxiously waited for the ride to end, then rushed back to the check-in counter to be seated.

CheesecakeCheesecake for dessert was my consolation prize since they didn’t have the Captain EO shirt.

Our meal was very enjoyable. It was nice to accomplish yet another goal of mine. After paying and exiting the pavilion, we parted ways. Kyra and Mom took more time to dig in to the World Showcase, and I was finally going to ride Test Track. I made my way to the front of the line and was told where to go. After getting there, I noticed that the girl who had been standing behind me in line (to whom I had been paging little attention) was told to wait for the same ride vehicle as me. When she came over she started talking to me about the ride and asking me questions. By her accent she was clearly British and by her looks she was fairly attractive. The only thing niggling me was not being able to tell how old she was.

When the ride was over, I said maybe on more thing and then just walked away, I didn’t even say goodbye. I didn’t, I guess want to seem annoying or like I was following her, but at the same time what harm would have come from saying goodbye. I never saw her the rest of the day : (. And so, I have this missed connection to pose to the internet: If you are that British girl who spoke to me in the single rider line for Test Track and are at least 18, go to the contact page and send me an e-mail.

After that foolishness, I made my way over to the England section of the World Showcase, maybe subconsciously thinking that she’d be homesick and our paths would cross again. Instead, I found to my surprise that I was in time for a small concert. This band called British Revolution was doing covers of all sorts of British rock bands from Queen, to The Beatles, to Cream, to The Who, to Black Sabbath. It was corny, but fun at the same time.

Once it was over, I met back up with Mom and Kyra. We went back to Test Track to try once again to ride it together, but, once again the clouds rolled in and the ride shut down. After that we contemplated riding Mission Space, but decided instead, since we had our bathing suits to go back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge to check out, not only the pool, but Mom and Dad’s hotel/hotel room.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a very impressive facility. Regardless of the fact that I’d seen pictures of it before, it is a hole other thing to see it in person. After being floored by the lobby, we went to the room which was just as good. I mean, the room was basically a room, but they had a balcony that overlook the animal park. You could see giraffe’s and impala and zebra’s right from their bed. It was really cool.

After that we made our way to the pool. Their pool was huge, and it even had a small water slide. Though probably meant for kids, Kyra and I went down the slide a least ten times. We all had a surprising amount of fun in the pool and even were briefly joined by a duck that landed in the water, swam around for a bit, then flew away. The more I thought about it though, it’s odd to me that stuff like that doesn’t happen in outdoor pools more often.

InTheMineIn the mine on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train coaster.

By the time we got back to the room, Dad was done golfing and after we changed, we got dinner at the hotel before heading to the Magic Kingdom. Once at the park, we rushed past the crowd that had formed for the impending parade in order to get in line for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train coaster. The wait time was 60 minutes, but it seemed to move right along and I was glad that this time we were all going to be able to ride it together. I was especially glad that Mom stuck to her guns and rode it.

SnowWhiteFireworksFireworks over Snow White’s cottage.

As the ride got to the end we got to experience a bit of Disney magic. The fireworks began to go off as we were riding the ride and in spite of not being right in front of the castle, we had a great view. When the ride was over, we were able to watch the fireworks from Fantasyland. Once they were mostly finished, me, Kyra and Dad went over to Space Mountain to get one last ride in before going our separate ways for the night.

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