MGM/Fiction/MGM – Day 6

Thursday 8/14/14

Today was going to be different from every other day because I had plans to venture into real Florida and thus was going to have a good chunk of the day to myself. The first thing I did was to go to MGM studios. I was supposed to meet my friend James there but he never texted me back so I ended up going by myself. This worked out for the best because I was supposed to be at Fiction by 2:30pm and by the time I got to the park it was 10:30am or so. I new it was going to take a couple hours to get to Winter Park, so my time was limited. All I did was ride Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster before heading back to the buses.

TowerOfTerrorTower of Terror.

I had to get to Downtown Disney which is only accessible via the hotels. So I waited for the first bus that showed up for a hotel and took it. The bus I ended up taking was going to the Old Key West resort. Luckily this was one of the closest hotels to Downtown Disney. I got dropped off at the first stop at Old Key West and waited for a bus to DTD. Being on a schedule, it of course felt like it was taking forever. While I was waiting, the inevitable ominous clouds rolled in and it began to pour. Soon after, a bus for DTD pulled up. Little did I know, Old Key West is a huge resort and has about five other stops it has to go to before it leaves the property.

Eventually we did get to DTD and after a bit of second guessing I found my way to the nearby Lynx bus stop. I’m not sure now what time I got to the bus stop, but it seemed like a long time, 30 to 45 minutes before the bus came. Eventually I got on the #50 bus which took me to the Lynx Central Station. From there I made a transfer to the 102 to Winter Park. The stop I got off at was the Winter Park Sun Rail station. I knew that Fiction was located super close to the station but when I got there, I couldn’t find my bearings. Eventually, after looking up and reorienting myself, I found my way.

FictionThanks to everyone at Fiction for the tour and the free merch.

I met with the receptionist, Megan, who gave me a solid tour of the building. She brought me into the studio where they shoot some of their projects. Before we left the room, she asked me what size I was and gave me zip-up hoodie. Back at the reception desk she reached into the drawer and she pulled out some stickers. I hit the jackpot; it was super unexpected. I really just went there because I wanted to check out there place, I was totally not expecting free merch.

After that I went back to the bus stop and started making my way back to DTD. While on the 102, I was tempted to stop off to check out Mama’s Sauce, but I was just in the mind of wanting to get back. I felt like I had missed a big chunk of the day and I wanted to recoup it. When we got to the LCS it felt like there was a decent wait for the 50 to come. Eventually one showed up but we weren’t allowed on. A minute later another showed up and double parked next to it. The last person to get off was a drunk dude who stumbled around, walked into the bike rack of the bus parked near the curb, then tripped on the curb and took one right to the face. When he got up his face was bleeding and somehow hit arm was too. “Welcome to the real Florida,” I thought to myself.

WaffleHouseOn the way back to Downtown Disney we passed a Waffle House.

We then boarded the 50 back to DTD. Along the way we passed a place called Holy Land Experience. It seemed like Medieval Times, only for Jesus. I thought to myself, “Only in the south.” Eventually, we made it back to DTD where I took a bus to my hotel to drop off my hoodie before venturing back out to MGM. While on the bus I got a text from Mom asking when she thought I’d get to the park. I predicted 6:40pm. When I eventually got to MGM, it was 6:41pm.

Sci-FiSignShot this while walking around after getting off Star Tours.

The first thing I did was to meet up with everyone on “Sunset Blvd.” I briefly told them about my day before we split up. Kyra and Dad went on Tower and Rockin’ and Mom and I got food… well I got food and Mom watched me eat it. After I was finished eating, and Kyra and Dad were back, Kyra and I used our FastPass for Star Tours. The line was so short that we didn’t really need it and so once we were done, I rode it again. I then met back up with everyone and Kyra and I rode Tower. By the time we were done, it was time to get in line for Fantasmic.

This was one of the main goals for the day. It is one of the only Fireworks/end of the night shows that I actually enjoy watching. As usual it was really impressive. On the way out saw a woman wearing a Boba Fett dress and got to talking with her and her family about Star Wars for a bit. After that it was back to to hotel and straight to bed.


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