American Field 2014

Hard to believe that nearly a year has gone by since last year’s American Field Pop-Up Market by Ball and Buck. So far I’ve only attended day one, but I plan on attending tomorrow too. Regardless, it was pretty cool; a Harpoon beer-garden, food trucks, and haircuts, the last two of which I totally partook of.

But, other than the fact that it was windy and overcast, and that this year’s market was at Drydock Ave and not at Sowa, there’s not much else to say, so, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Throne1.0The Throne 1.0

This watch was retailing for $450. I was finally able to see the 1.0 in person and I was so ready to step up and buy it, but at the last minute I pussied out. There’s always tomorrow.

SanbornCanoeCoPaddles by the Sanborn Canoe Co.

These paddles were beautiful and super well designed. Too bad I don’t have a canoe.

BambooBikeBamboo Bicycle by Erba. Nuff said.

Too bad I just bought my bike back in March… and that this one cost $3,600!

SchottJacket#AmericanField #Boston #MadeInUSA #JoinTheMvmnt

American Flag leather jacket by Schott… need I say more.

DraplinDesignCoThere was a lot of cool shit at the Draplin Design Co. booth; hats, stickers, patches, guitar picks, combs, pins, posters, etc.

I wanted it all, it was all so well designed and the main dude there, Aaron, was super nice and super cool. <– Redundant? I suppose so. Also, right across from Draplin was the Field Notes booth. This made me very happy indeed.

UPDATE: 12/16/14 – I’m a fuckin’ idiot. Apparently DDC helped to create Field Notes, that’s why the booth was right across from him.

LeatherStampingLeather stamping at the Great American Country tent.

Great American Country was separated from the rest and had a tent and everything. There was a leather couch, a TV, a bunch of cool shirts and free crap -stickers, pins, Junior Mints (fun size just so we’re clear), Cape Cod Chips (again, those small individual bags, but still for free, I’ll take it) and cans of soda. There was also leather stamping (pictured above) where I think for free, one could stamp there name (or whatever) into a leather strap. Don’t know what you’d use it for and I didn’t do it personally, but it was still cool.

SteampunkLampsSteam-punk/industrial lamps.

One of the last booths I checked out (I forget the name) was this one that had a bunch of funky folksy lamps made from different everyday things. Very steam-punk, very cool.

Additionally, as I was making my way out, I walked passed this well dressed dude who was wearing a dope leather backpack. I asked him where he got it or what brand it was, and to my surprise, he told me it was his brand. I was very impressed. His name was Jeremy and he was really cool. Check out his Instagram -@freemanplat- as his website is not fully up yet.

Lastly, while I was there, there was a band playing. As I was walking around I was drawn back to them because they were covering Cousins by Vampire Weekend. Later they covered Reptilia by The Strokes. I talked to them after their set and apparently they’re local. The band was called Anjimile and you should check them out. Support the scene man.

In short, this year’s market was very cool, the cast of Moonrise Kingdom would have felt right at home at. I guess there’s gonna be another American Field happening in Brooklyn in November, so stay tuned for that.

PS there was totally a dude selling wands… wut!?


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