Leader x San Francisco

The whole time I was in San Francisco, I kept thinking, “If only I had my bike with me… I’d own this city.” It would have made getting around so much quicker. Sure the hills would have sucked (going up) but they would have been great to ride down. Regardless of all that, the thought of biking in SF kept making me think of this video.

The thing that stuck out to me was the part towards the end where, because he is riding fixed, he is standing on the frame and using his foot to brake the rear wheel. This looked as cool as it did dangerous. However, I couldn’t remember the name of the bike brand or what the video was called.

Finally, tonight, after Googling: fixed gear + san francisco + vimeo (I remembered that it was not a YouTube video) I was able to find it. So, the reason is here is four fold a) because it’s a cool video, b) because it’s topical (San Francisco and BBP) c) because it’s about biking, the forgotten [supposed] theme of this blog, and d) so that I would never again have to search for it.


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