Wachowski Brothers

Yesterday morning I woke up to a phone call that my friend Dave Kendricken had passed away the night before in an unfortunate accident. I then spent that day (yesterday) with friends remembering him and doing our best to cope with the information.

DaveGreg, myself, and Dave at a friend’s wedding back in August.

Dave and I met in 8th grade and instantly bonded over our mutual love of the movie The Matrix. Due to our similar mindset and constant ability to come up with the same ideas at the same time, we dubbed ourselves Wachowski brothers (after the writer/directors of the film). Dave was the one who talked me into checking out Fitchburg Sate University where we later attended college together. Our freshman year we were fortunate enough to room with each other along with Greg Clapp, a man who instantly became another close friend.

I was so glad to have run into Dave at our friend’s wedding this past August. Despite losing contact over the past couple of years, there was never a sense that there was a loss of friendship between us. Dave was one of the most vivacious and charismatic people I ever met. He always had a joke, a positive outlook, and more energy than anyone else I know. He had such a way with people; able to befriend anyone instantly, no matter what walk of life or background they came from. He touched, brightened, impacted and enriched every person he came in contact with.


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