“If I Can Make It There…”

I’m finally moving out! Well sort of… temporarily at least. The situation is this: my friend Steve (who I typically stay with while spending time in New York), his roommate Tom is currently on a film shoot and will be until March. Thus, his room is vacant. Upon realizing this might be an issue, they decided that it might be a good idea to sub-let his room. I was, according to Steve, the first person they thought of. At the time they told me about all this, I was working a temp job in Newton and couldn’t just leave. Then the holiday’s and everything else happened. Jobless and with nothing* holding me to the Boston area, I decided to take them up on their offer.

So what is the point of this? Why am I doing it? This blog is no stranger to me posting about my various New York adventures, but this one will be a little different. The idea is that I need a change in my life and this is an opportunity that was given to me that allows for that change. Like I said, I don’t have a job, I don’t have a girlfriend, and I am still living at home. Granted I have lived in an apartment before but a) that was for college and b) my parents basically took care of that for me. This time it’s on my own; my own money, budget, food/cooking (at college I went to the dining hall), laundry (again, haven’t done it since college and I’ve never done it in a Laundromat) and anything else I’m forgetting.

Initially I was thinking of this as a long vacation; time to go on all the excursions that I never get around to on my weekend trips to NYC. However, as I’ve thought more about it, I think I’m going to try and get a temporary job while living there. “What makes you think you’ll find work there when you can’t find work in Boston.” Well, in Boston I’m looking for a full time job. There, I’ll be open to pretty much anything or anyone willing to hire me. Additionally, an increasing number of my friends are living down there and so I’ll be able to visit/hang out with them. The other thing too is to gauge how much I like actually living there for an extended period of time. For all I know I might hate it. On the contrary maybe something will work out and I’ll [want to] extend my stay and even look for a place of my own. I won’t know if I don’t try.

And so, for the next month I will be a temporary resident of the Empire State.

*The one thing that was/is tying me to Boston is my band. Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you but as of the end of October I joined a punk band. The reason this time period won’t be interrupted by shows or band practice is because our bassist is taking a trip across Europe, Asia, and Australia until January 20th. Figuring that Unlisted (my band) wouldn’t be able to get anything done while he’s gone, I decided the timing for this move is perfect. Plus, it’s a good way to start the New Year.


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