Biking to New Jersey

My day started off well. As I was getting out of the shower, Steve was putting on the Randy Newman record Sail Away. The second track on it is Lonely at the Top. I knew I recognized it from a soundtrack and a quick Google search confirmed that I was correct, it is used in You’ve Got Mail; unabashedly one of my favorite movies.

In any case, a week or so ago I got the urge to bike across the George Washington Bridge as it was basically the only one I hadn’t ridden across yet. However, I only did a touch and go, dipping my toe in Jersey and then instantly turning around and riding back to New York. Today however, I decided to actually make a trip out of it and ride around New Jersey.

SkylineFromNJ_PanoPanorama of the Manhattan skyline New Jersey taken from atop a concrete wall

There really wasn’t very much to see or do. I don’t know really anything about Jersey; where things are relative to one another. Nor did I do any research before hand, a rare thing for me. Thus there isn’t much to tell. I basically went down to Hoboken, stopping briefly at North Hudson Park along the way before turning around at 14th street and making my way back to the bridge.

SkylineFromNJ_FenceManhattan skyline New Jersey taken from behind a fence

Along the way I passed a side street that had a great view of Manhattan. I stood on the concrete wall and got a picture of the skyline. As I continued up whatever Ave I was on, less than a block later, there was an opening with an elevated and even better view of the same thing, so I did a reshoot.

GW_BridgeGeorge Washington Bridge

I crossed back into Manhattan and took basically the same route I had taken the last time I “dipped a toe” in NJ. I utilized mainly Riverside Drive which both times was essentially empty with regard to cars. Then, at around 91st Street I followed a couple of cyclists onto a bike path that led to where Tom Hanks meets Meg Ryan at the end of You’ve Got Mail; second reference of the day.

I then continued down the West Side Drive bike path that was so busy, there was an entire section where cyclists were asked to dismount and walk their bikes. I was super hungry and under-hydrated, so at 16th St a hung a left and made my way out to Union Sq where I got an overpriced Gatorade from a street vendor. I sat and downed it before hopping the 4 back to Brooklyn.


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