Interior Design

As is occasionally the case the following is basically just a list of things that I don’t want to forget about so I mashed them up in a post. Ever since talking with my fellow bike instructor about converting a shipping container into a house I’ve been thinking a lot about potential future living situations.

The first thing I was reminded of was this treehouse video I found a while back. I forget now how I even stumbled across it, but I feel like the thought process that goes into these is similar to the thought process of a shipping container home. There is little space so it forces you to only have the bare essentials.

Next, while looking at something completely unrelated, I came across a cool furniture company. Vitra is a German(?) furniture company with sleek modernist/minimalist design. The feel like they are a more upscale version of the furniture one would find at IKEA. They also remind me of Knoll and Herman Miller.

This is definitely is the style of furniture I want to have in my future shipping container home. Which, by the way I feel like a shipping container home is such good alternative to buying a home or building a new home. The structure is already there and they only cost ~$5,000.

Then you just need to get a plot of land, add heating, water/plumbing and insulation (right?). Then just add my Vitra furniture and my Big Chill fridge and we’re good to go. I feel like you could do all that for $50,000 – $100,000, which if my estimates aren’t completely off, is not bad at all.


Next is this image that I randomly came across a while back that has stuck with me ever since I saw it. If I do end up living in a furnished shipping container, I would love to stagger the height of the containers so that on the second level I would put my bed and it would be lofted, looking out into the rest of the apartment. Also this, which I’ve referenced before.

Lastly, while on my Monocle magazine bender last week, I came across the following video. Though it doesn’t totally fit in with all of the other stuff I’ve mentioned, the segment that really stood out to me was the bit about the redesign of Terminal 3 at Narita Airport.

A couple of other things/notes to future self: Mikili bike storage, or Knife and Saw bike book shelf. Buzz words to tell house designers; industrial design, subway tiles, garage/auto body shop, exposed brick/concrete/metal, letterpress, typography, swiss design, Puma shipping container, Boxpark (Google it), Fab dot com, and Big Chill refrigerator. Also, it should look like this.



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