The Martian Trailer

Those of you familiar with this blog know that last summer I read the book The Martian by Andy Weir. Despite the fact that I found the childlike nature of the main character intolerable, overall, I liked the book. I was aware at the time the there was a movie in production but here, now, finally is our first official glimpse.

First takeaway: “I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this.” Second take away: it looks really good. Now I’ve been dooped by good trailers in the past, but this one truely seems promising. The visuals combined with the score at the end got me to tear up the first time I saw it… and that is just a trailer. Fingers crossed this will be a good one.

—Governors Island – didn’t need a separate post to write about it

UmbrellasGovernorsIslandUmbrella art installation at Governors Island

I started my Tuesday by going to Governors Island. I had been wanting to check it out for a while so it was cool to finally check it off the list. The ferry that gets you over there costs a negligible $2, however it seems odd that it costs anything at all considering that the Staten Island ferry, which goes much further, is free.

Regardless, upon arrival there is an instant sense of calm and quiet. It feels like you’ve stepped off into Colonial Williamsburg. I don’t know if it was because I got there sort of early or if simply no one goes there but it felt empty. The front area has a bunch of rundown historical houses along with an old fort. Towards the back there is a huge field where that are some art installations, a tree house and a makeshift mini-golf course.

Off to the side there is a more modern and developed area with a nice playground and well maintained paths that wind through tall grass. Hidden in these paths are wide open areas with hammocks. I grabbed one (they were all empty) and chilled for a bit.

After that I circled back to the playground area. There were these two log obstacle course things that I tried out. There were much more difficult and terrifying than I thought they’d be but fun nonetheless. GI was pretty small and after a couple of hours of exploring I’d pretty much seen it all. I then hopped the ferry back to Manhattan and made my way to work.

—Cooper Hewitt Museum

After work I made my way to the Cooper Hewitt Museum to check out the How Posters Work exhibit. There was some sort of “free museum day” event happening at all of the museums on “museum mile.” They even shut down a section of 5th Avenue and everything.

Poster, LIGHT/YEARS: Poster for the Architectural Leagues Beaux Arts Ball, March 13, 1999, sponsored by Artemide, 1999One of my favorite posters from the How Posters Work exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum

Unfortunately, because people like anything that’s free, the place was a zoo. I basically went in, zoomed through the exhibit and left. It seemed cool and I would have liked to stay a bit longer but I couldn’t handle the amount of people that were in there. However, you can’t beat free I guess.


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