23 Weeks of Bond

So, as usual I am a few weeks behind on this. I was listening to the Tested podcast and they mentioned the fact that starting that week, there would be 23 weeks until SPECTRE, the next James Bond film, was released. This meant that you could watch one Bond film each week until SPECTRE comes out. Hence the slowest, longest, and most drawn out marathon ever was about to begin.

I Pitched the idea of marathoning the bond movies over the coming weeks to my sister and a couple of my friends. They thought it was a good idea and so last Friday, we kicked off the marathon with Dr. No. Ever since listening to the James Bonding podcast I have been wanting to re-watch all of the bond movies. This realization was the perfect excuse to do just that.

The main reason why I wanted to post this was for any other Bond fans out there. If you didn’t already know about this “23 weeks” thing, now would be the time to start watching the films.

Dr. No: I’m not going to do a post for every movie, but, I thought I would just briefly go over my/our game plan for the next few weeks.

This first week I had my friend Dan, as well as my sister, come to my house at 8pm. Dan brought beer which made it feel that much more official. We then popped in Dr. No and watched it without much peanut gallery commentary, which was great. After the movie was over, me, Dan and Kyra listened to the James Bonding podcast Dr. No episode while playing the The World is Not Enough video game for N64.

I think the plan is to alternate each week, he come to my place, I go to his, back and forth until SPECTRE. I really hope we actually do keep up with this plan because it could be really fun as well as allow me to catch up on the Bond movies, something I wanted to do anyway.



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