Subway Symphony

It’s rare that when given the opportunity to skip an ad before a YouTube video that I don’t take said opportunity. However, when I saw the following ad, I thought it was poignant for 2 reasons. 1) it features LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, a guy and a band that I’ve gotten more interested in over the past several months and 2) it features the MTA, a subway system I am now very familiar with after having spent the past 6 months living in NY and learning it.

The idea is that since the MTA is supposedly going to switch from a swipe based card system to a tap based one (apparently not till 2019), that they might as well make the sound of the beep when you tap your card, be a pleasant one. So that is what James Murphy is teaming up with Heineken to try and do. I love this idea and have thought for a while now that the MTA should switch to a tap based card system like the T in Boston. In his words: “someone’s going to make a chip that beeps on the next system… that’s a given.  All I’m asking for is the chance to help make that beep something memorable.”

If you’re down with this idea, go to Subway Symphony dot org and sign the petition.


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