Route 66 Road Trip

I’ve had in my head for a long time that I want, at some point, to take a road trip on Route 66. This fire was re-kindled recently while watching an episode of American Pickers. All the trips that they go on, the parts of off-beat America that they explore, all made me want to go on this trip again. I don’t know if you can still do it anymore, if the road is still in driving condition or if there is an alternate route one needs to take in order to follow it as close as possible; more research is required.

That is why I have prepared a list of books I would buy for research material in order to plan the ultimate American road trip. Additionally I made a series of a lists (written below) on several topics that I want to remember in order to make the trip as cool and fun as possible. Lists include things like what cars I would potentially be interested in taking on said trip, what music I want to listen to and what movies I want to watch to help ramp up my excitement.


-VW Bus (Brumos; see video above; also this)

-1950s Mercury Coupe


-“Bandit” Trans Am

-DeLorean DMC-12

-Chevy Nomad




-Cadillac El Dorado or Deville

-Mini Cooper (old)

Note: I feel that on a trip like this, the car you drive is just as important as the route you are driving. Like putting on the proper attire based on a certain function you’re attending, the right vehicle needs to be utilized for the right drive.


-Lonely Planet: Route 66 – Road Trips

-Travel Route 66: A Guide to the History, Sights and Destinations along the Main Street of America

-Route 66: The Mother Road


-License Plate Game

-plus look up others


-New Shoes

Cars soundtrack

-the 5, 6, 7, 8s

-see DJ setlists 1 and 2

-Vampire Weekend

-Personal Record – Eleanor Friedburger


-Wanda Jackson

-Alabama Shakes

-The Black Keys

-Roy Orbison

-Amy Winehouse

-surf rock

-Tell Me (What’s on Your mind)

-Dogheart II

Pulp Fiction soundtrack

-The Beach Boys

Places to Stay

Blue Swallow Motel

Wigwam Village Motel

Sights to see

-The Big Texan

-Cadillac Ranch (Carhenge?)

Road Trip/Appropriate Movies

-A Goofy Movie

-Smokey and the Bandit

-Cars (Pixar)


Route 66 wiki

Historic 66

Roadtrip USA

Legends of America

National 66

I have no idea when I want to do this or really even why? I don’t really enjoy driving and there is a lot of stress and work involved in a road trip; they aren’t exactly relaxing vacations. However, I think it’s important to do and something I should do within the next couple of years. I better add it to the “Vacations To Do” list.

Past road trips

Cross Country (2006) – I went with my cousin and my uncle on a cross country road trip in 2006. We drove his F-150 King Ranch edition truck which is by no means a small vehicle. This was on factor that was sometimes difficult to deal with when driving. Additionally, there are often very long days of driving which can definitely lead to cabin fever. I will say however that I didn’t see a lot of this country on that trip and that probably the good things outweighed the bad.

Celebration V (2010) – when my friends and I attended the fifth ever Star Wars convention in Orlando, we all thought it would be a good idea to road-trip from Massachusetts to Orlando, driving nonstop for 22 hours. The only negative thing was that in my car we only had three drivers so there was less passing off and longer legs of driving for each driver.

Additionally, my lack of driving confidence makes me nervous and self conscious. I feel I am a good driver but not a confident one. When I’m nervous, my lack of confidence sometimes causes me to make quick jerky decisions/movements when I’m driving and thus, understandably, causes my passengers to lose their confidence in me. When someone points this out to me -as was the case on this trip- it gets me angry and makes me more self conscious. This led to a bit of a spat between Andrew and myself at one point and thus caused an ominous cloud to hang over the rest of the drive.

Mini Takes the States (2012) – when Pete and I did MTTS we were obviously the only two drivers of his car. Because he is such a car nut, he was naturally very protective of his Mini. However, he made a lot of passenger comments whenever I was driving that in general made me nervous around his car, made me nervous to drive and additionally made me angry with him. i.e. telling me when to break, telling me how to adjust my mirrors, telling me to slow down, telling me to speed up and other things.

Additionally, because we had to stay with one another it meant that any decisions that were made where final. We couldn’t split up because there was only one car to get us wherever we needed to go. This led to other tensions when my ideas of what we should do and his ideas of what we should do clashed. Finally, being in a close space with someone -who is already prone to getting on your nerves- for a long period of time is not something that is fun to deal with.


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