Christmas 2015

Here is a breakdown of the things I got for Christmas. This is more for me than it is for you. Sorry for buying into the materialism that is Christmas.

1) Beer – my sister surprised me with a 6-pack of Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro; random but cool

2) Back To The Future book – I saw it when it came out and thought it was cool but did not expect to get it for Christmas. I look forward to reading through it slowly over the next month or so.

3) 50 Years of Bond Blu-Ray – I’ve wanted the complete blu ray set ever since it was released. Of course after our “23 Weeks of Bond” marathon I probably won’t watch a Bond movie until they’re released on a new format but oh well

4) Moonraker Mission Patch – super unexpected gift; very cool surprise from my sister

5) 1 Terabyte external hard-drive – I’ve needed a back-up drive for my computer for a super long time but knew I would never buy one for myself

6) Beard trimmer – I’ve had my current one (which sucks) since 2007 so I was overdue for an upgrade

7) VANS gift card – I need a new pair of sneakers anyway so now I don’t have to pay for them myself

8) Dunkin’ Donuts gift card – always a good thing; one less lunch to worry about

9) Money – always a good thing; I can get whatever I want

10) Volcom jacket – I’ve needed a winter jacket that actually fits me for years now so it’s nice to finally have one

On top of the gifts I received directly, I also benefited from  some of the gifts I gave. I gave my family Best of Bond… James Bond 50 Years which includes all of the themes from the films. Additionally I gave my Mom All Things Must Pass by George Harrison. That too I added to my iPod/iPhone. Lastly, I bought my mom a Felix clock, the one where the eyes and tail move… I/we’ve always wanted one.


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