2015 Top Five

After listening to the last “hostful” episode of The Nerdist podcast for this year, I’ve decided to make a top five list of the most memorable moments from this past year. I think it’s easy to get down on yourself at the end of a year and think “what, if anything, did I accomplish.”

I saw a lot of people posted collages of their favorite memories from 2015 and it made them look so accomplished. My sister told me that she did a Top Five of 2015 on Facebook which I thought was a great idea. Thus, I’ve decided to copy her.

1) Moving to New York – Even though it didn’t end up being permanent, moving to New York was a great way to start out the New Year last year. I technically got there on December 28th of 2014, but I got to celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square which was a good thing to check off the bucket list.

While I was there I saw a Nics/Celtics game, held two jobs, met a lot of nice people, made new friends, lived in three different apartments, performed at an open mic, DJ’d at a night club, performed several nights of karaoke, got to do a lot of sight seeing, saw a Red Sox/Yankees game at Yankee stadium and, one of my favorites, I got to bike in all five boroughs as well as New Jersey, something I’ve always wanted to do.

2) Sold My Motorcycle – Ok, so this one’s not that exciting, but, it was something that needed to get done. It was a huge “splinter in my mind” to quote Morpheus and I was/am glad to be physically and mentally rid of it. I never rode it, got nothing done in terms of modifying it and all I did was sink money into it. Additionally, I’m glad that it at least seemingly went to a good home with a father and son who will be able to wrench on it together and, hopefully, put it to good use.

3) Built TARS – My TARS costume/puppet-thing was a very proud accomplishment for me this summer. One of the hardest things to do with an abundant amount of free time is to channel your unused energy into something positive. I am the king of coming up with projects and either never going through with them, or only going through half way. TARS is one of the few projects I actually saw to completion. Using the RPF, screen shots and behind-the-scenes special features on the Interstellar Blu Ray I conceived my own way to build a TARS replica. Not only did I build it but I was able to share it on Halloween and at a Mini Maker Faire at my local Barnes and Noble.

4) 23 Weeks of Bond – This is something that has been mentioned time and time again in several of my posts between June and now. Probably because it was a huge part of my Summer and Fall. Having something to do every week, something to loo forward to, was a great way to keep me sane while unemployed. Also, it was a great bonding (pun intended?) experience between me and my friends. You never realize how special or impactful something will be until it’s over.

5) Getting a job – Becoming a Product Specialist at Tesla was probably one of the most clutch moments of 2015. I had been searching for a full time job literally all summer, ever since I got back from New York in mid-June. Though having the summer off may sound glamorous, when you’ve got no income, all your friends are busy (at work), and you feel like you have no purpose in life, the glamor quickly fades.

Tesla is a company that I am actually proud to work for and I enjoy going to work every day. I hope to continue to grow with the company. As a bonus, having money coming in again is great and hopefully it will allow me to once again move out.

Of course there were many other things that happened in 2015. Not all of them were good and some of which were painful or even sad. This was merely a list of the things that stood out to me as noteworthy accomplishments. I’m not much for resolutions, but if I had to set goals for myself it would be to finally move out this year, get a girlfriend (that one always seems to be on the list) and to be more assertive.

I guess the goal at the beginning of every new year is to have a fresh start and to “make this one better than the last.” 2015 was pretty good to me, here’s hoping 2016 is too. But, since we’re finally in “the future,” I won’t rely on “the universe” to make my 2016 great, but instead I’ll rely on myself and end this post with a quote from Doc Brown, “The future is what you make it, so make it a good one.”

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