A Scheme Come True

It finally happened. I finally followed through with an idea I had. I’d been dreaming of the day when I could title a post “A Scheme Come True.” There were so many times that I thought I was going to be able to and, as usual, they fell through. Well this time I followed through with a plan and what follows is the culmination of that follow through (if that made any sense).

A year or so ago, my friend Pete and I had talked about starting a Podcast but as was the case with most of the schemes we come up with, we never got around to making it. We did record one “episode” on his GoPro while driving in his car, but it wasn’t really worth posting anywhere.

Not to say that FACEWORDS (that’s the name of the Podcast) is worth posting or even listening to, but we’re doing, we’re putting it out there and at least that’s a start. Basically, the Podcast consists of me and my friend James from work talking nonsense at each other.

The title, if you care, came from something at work. I was rambling and James asked me what I said, to which I respond, “You know, words and my face and whatever.” To which he said, “Yeah, face-words.” I immediately grabbed my notebook from my pocket and wrote it down. We had offhandedly talked about recording a Podcast before but we had never come up with a title. This needed to be the title.

Essentially it just means talking because that’s all we do… we talk. There is no planning that goes into it. There is no structure or set topic. We’re just two dudes goofing off for 45 minutes about shit that is helpful and useful to literally no one.


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