Piebald Reunion Show

Last night was a pretty momentous evening as it was Piebald’s reunion concert. I had gone to their “Final Show” back in 2008 at the Middle East downstairs. However, when my sister told me that they were gonna be playing again I immediately ran out and bought a ticket.

The night started out a little awkward. I saw Andy (the bassist, who happens to be my second cousin)  and John (his dad) out front of Royale; a strange choice of venue for a Piebald show. I walked up and said ‘hi’ but got the feeling that neither recognized me. I mean, we do rarely see each other but still… it was kind of weird.

In any case, I got right into the venue and immediately snuck my way up through the loosely pack crowd to the second row. I ended up chatting with a couple of fellow Piebald veterans who had also gone to their “Final Show.” After a bit of chatting, Piebald came on.

IMG_4343I kinda blew my load on the Instagram photo I posted so this is a make-up pic; Travis somehow managed to get even lankier.

They started out with The Monkey Versus The Robot, kind of an odd choice for an opening song. Sure it’s one everyone knows, but I feel like it belongs later in their set. Come to think of it, the whole setlist felt off. This is something that usually doesn’t bother me, but it can make huge impact on how a show flows.

Not only were some of their song choices weird, they played a few “deep cuts” that only the hardcore fans (harder core than me) knew, but also, the order in which they played them didn’t seem to make any sense. The only thing that did make sense was that they ended the set -before the encore- with American Hearts and then ended the show with Karate Chops For Everyone But Us, anther solid choice.

PiebaldSetListEncore: 19. David Lee Rock, 20. Giddy Like A Schoolgirl, 21. Karate Chops For Everyone But Us

I was a little disappointed they didn’t play Sex Sells or Haven’t Tried It but I can’t really complain, it’s fucking Piebald!

I spent most of the show getting pummeled from by the apparently decent mosh pit happening behind me. I also kept getting elbowed in the chest by the girl in front of me. She had clearly never been to a “punk” show before and kept angrily shoving us back with her ass and her back, as well as elbowing me.

Eventually, when there was a break in the action, I said something, “Listen, I don’t care if you shove me off of you, but you got to stop elbowing me in the chest,” and she did. She later apologized, admitting she’d never been to such a rough concert before and didn’t realize that when I bumping into her, it wasn’t on purpose but simply that I, a 5-foot 5-inch, 110 pound guy didn’t really stand a chance holding off the hundred or so dancing fans behind me.

However, despite all of that and despite the fact that security at Royale are a bunch of tools and kept pulling people down, I was able to get up and crowd surf for a short while during the last song.

It was cool to finally feel like I was “in my place” at a show. What I mean is, I have this strange feeling every time I go to a concert that I’m a fraud. That everyone else is somehow a “bigger fan” than me and that I don’t deserve to be there. Granted, there’s always gonna be someone there who knows more lyrics or simply knows the band better or has been there “since the beginning,” but this was one of the few times that, for the most part, I felt like my band IQ was higher than some of the people at the show.

This was proved when they played The Stalker and, unlike the last time I saw them, I was able to clap along with the clapping parts, specifically the “difficult” one. Also, I was able to sing along to a decent amount of the songs they played. It was also proved when Travis (the lead singer) made a note of the fact that despite this technically being the second show of the tour, because the one we were at was booked first -the Sunday show was added later after the Monday show immediately sold out- he said, “you guys are the true fans.” This made me feel great and despite all of the complaining I did in this post, I ended up having a great time.

PS I also would have liked to have heard All You Need Is Drums To Start A Dance Party.


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