Australia – Day 5: Sydney

Saturday – September 10th

After getting showered and writing my blog post for yesterday, as well as planning out a bit more of my day today, I made my way to Town Hall to join the 10:30am I’m Free Walking Tour. On my way out of the train station I grabbed a bit of breakfast at one of the underground food spots.

img_4598Town Hall

After eating outside of Town Hall I met up with the rest of the group and made friends with a fellow American. The tour made it’s way through the city and eventually while at one spot, I noticed something I didn’t expect to see, a Tesla showroom! I asked one of my tour guides where they would be headed next so that I could stop in the showroom and then rejoin the group.

img_4604Tesla Showroom downtown Sydney

I entered the showroom and after a quick walk around, introduced myself to one of the Product Specialists, Hardeep. He was very nice and excited to meet a fellow Product Specialist/visitor to his city. We had a great conversation and after a few pictures of the showroom, I left to rejoin the group.

However, upon going where the tour guide told me they’d be, there was no one to be found. To be honest, this was probably a blessing in disguise because as it is I was stressed about how I was going to get everything into my day after a two and a half our walking tour.

IMG_4613.JPGOn the Ferry from Circular Quay to Milsons Point

So instead, I made my way to Circular Quay and grabbed the ferry to Milsons Point. There I got off and immediately went to Luna Park. Luckily the rides require a wrist band so admission to the park is free. I walked around just to see it and say I’d been there.

I considered riding the Wild Mouse but I found out that the cheapest wristband is $20 for two rides. As it is I had been spending more on food, transportation and admissions than I had anticipated so this was definitely and unnecessary expense.

img_4627Sydney Harbour and Bennelong Point as seen from Milsons Point under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I then left Luna Park and took a few pics of the Opera House from underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge before heading up the hill which led to the train. On the way up the hill I passed the Olympic Swimming Pool. I don’t know if that was the actual one used for the Sydney Olympics but either way I thought that was cool.

Next I hopped on the train and took it a few stops into North Sydney to St Leonards station. There I walked a bit down the street to the Tesla Showroom. This was the original plan as it was the only Sydney showroom I was aware of. Alex and Adele, the OA and PS I met, told me that the downtown location was only a month old. In any case, we all had a good chat and again I took a few pics before leaving.

I took the train back to Milsons Point station, and, after a half hour of walking around going the wrong way, a local pointed out how to get onto the pedestrian footpath to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Apparently if I had gone right out the station instead of left it would have saved me all my trouble.

Sidenote: along the way to find the entrance to the Sydney Harbour Bridge I passed this really cool car place called Classic Throttle Shop. I never went back to go inside but the collection from what I could see through the glass was incredible.

img_4638Starting my walk southbound on the east side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Regardless of all my trouble, the walk across the bridge was well worth it. The views were incredible and it was just a very fun and interesting way to see/experience the city. After about a half an hour of walking, I made it to the other side.

Cut to a montage of me trying to find my way, doing a lot of walking and eventually ending up at the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel. There I had a half pint and a sandwich while chatting with a really nice older gentleman named Ian. We watched the footie game and talked about Australia and he gave me some suggestions of sites to see.

img_4643The Sydney Opera House as seen from the Sydney Harbour Bridge

After I finished my food, I checked out the nearby Barangaroo Reserve. It is essentially a super modern park on The Rocks and looking out to Darling Harbour. After a relatively brief stroll through the park I made my way to the nearby Sydney Observatory. Unfortunately it was closed so I then headed over to the Shangri-La Hotel.

I when to the Blu Bar on the 36th floor which offered good views of the harbour if you were eating but from the bar there wasn’t much to see. I should have just left but, since I had trekked over, I got an expensive (not by choice) beer which I nursed and didn’t end up finishing.

Afterwards I went back to Circular Quay where I grabbed the train back to Central and headed back to the hostel where I got things organized and wrote this.


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