Australia – Day 6: Sydney

Sunday – September 11th

After getting showered and dressed, the first thing I did was to head to the bus stop so I could go to Deus Ex Machina. I’ve known about Deus for a long time but have never been to one of their locations. The cool thing about this particular location is that along with a large retain location, they have an attached bar/cafe. It was a great way to not only get breakfast but also, after I was done, check out the store.

img_4676Eating breakfast at Deus Ex Machina

The design of the cafe was very cool, modern and sleek. I got poached eggs on sour dough bread with bacon. I also did something I never do… I ordered coffee. However, I cheated, I got a mocha so that doesn’t really count. Everything was delicious and by the time I was done, the retail store was open.

I was a man on a mission. I had made a small list of things I wanted to buy, so I began my hunt. After looking around for a while, unsuccessfully, I eventually asked for help. The guy I dealt with, Henry (Harry?) was very helpful. He wasn’t able to find either of the shirts I was looking for, but he was able to find the pin I wanted. I ended up leaving with a pin, a sticker pack and a coffee table book.

img_4681The shop side of Deus

After that I left, taking a few exterior shots of the store before I did so. I then hopped on the bus back to my hostel so I could drop off my bag of new stuff and grab my jacket. Fun fact, I’m pretty sure the bus driver that took me to Deus was the same one that brought me back.

After getting reorganized, and a stupid Opal card confusion which led to me topping up for no reason, I hopped on the train and took it to Wynyard. From there I made my way out to Darling Harbour and eventually to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo and the Sea Life Aquarium. The “2-pack” pass I bought was pretty expensive even when converted back to USD.

I did the zoo first and immediately remembered why I hate them. Not only was this one crappy but they’re overall fairly boring and filled with families, specifically small children which is super annoying. The only real reason I wanted to go was to see some indigenous animals, which I did, but I was not worth the price I payed.

img_4718Found Nemo

I kept the aquarium for second because I thought it would be the better of the two. As it turned out, it was about the same. One funny thing was that there was this one tank everyone was crowded around because there was a “Dory” fish in that tank.

I crowded too and eventually got my picture, only to find that the next tank over was literally filled with them. I thought that was funny. I also liked the fact that, regardless of whether they spoke english or not, they knew the name Dory and only referred to it as Dory.

After I finished at the aquarium, I made my way past the Home nightclub, before cutting through Tumbalong Park. My plan was to go into the nearby Chinese Garden of Friendship. However, when I saw it was $6 to get in I was like eff that, and made my way back out to the harbour.

img_4744Looking out on Darling Harbour

Along the way I did a ropes course at the park and climbed to the top of the rope tower. It was mean for kids but it looked super high and not just for kids. Plus I was like, who cares, might as well do it. Once finished I made my way out to Darling Island (which is not an actual island), along the way passing the International Convention Centre Sydney (which was currently playing host to OZ Comic Con) and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Sidenote: I really liked the Darling Harbour area.

My plan was to stop by Google’s Sydney headquarters but I was unable to find it. After walking all the way out to Darling Island and walking all the way back, plus all the walking I had done before that, my  feet were super tired. I decided to call it a half day and headed back to the hostel to regroup and rest my feet.

Along the way I stopped into Krispy Kreme and got one of their Reese’s donuts. It was pretty good, maybe not what I paid good, but hit the spot. So now I’m in the hostel writing this and gearing up for the rest of my evening.

To be continued…

After chilling for a bit I made my way into the city again. The first thing I did was to stop under the bridge where Neo gets into the car with Trinity in The Matrix. If I have time, I hope to see a few more sights from the movie while I’m in town.

img_4766Imagine this tunnel in the pouring rain with a 1960s Lincoln Continental in it; boom, you’ve a scene right out of The Matrix

After that I made my way towards a bar called Grandma’s. However, upon arriving at the address, I’m pretty sure I was either at the wrong place or that it doesn’t exist or something. Cut to a montage of me walking around the same few streets figuring out what my next move should be.

I considered moving up the timetable on my visit to the O Bar. However, upon going to the Sydney Tower Eye, I found out that this was not the location of the O Bar and that it is in fact located at a different building. Continue montage of me walking around aimlessly. Eventually I headed back to a pub that was still open (I hate Sundays) but before I went in, I checked the Deus website.

img_4771Cool neon back at Deus

After a phone call confirmed that they were still open, I made up my mind to venture back out to Deus. I caught the bus no problem; it’s a super easy ride, and got off to find it was still open. I grabbed a chicken sandwich, which was delicious and cost exactly one dollar less than the amount of money I had in my wallet. Luckily tipping isn’t a thing in Australia.

Sidenote: The guy sitting next to me didn’t have an accent so I asked if he was American. Turned out he was Canadian (close enough) and was in Australia teaching skiing or something. He was cool.

After finishing my food I took a few more pics of the Bar/Kitchen before waiting for the bus and eventually taking it back here so I could write this and plan out my last couple of days in Sydney.


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