Australia – Day 7: Sydney

Monday – September 12th

I woke up early due to my dorm mate being loud while getting ready for work. It ended up being for the best as I was set to go to Bondi Beach and I knew it was going to be a longish train/bus ride. I started with a bit of a clusterfuck, wandering around to find a place that I knew wasn’t open yet. Then, once I gave up and walked to Central station, I spent several minutes running around in circles looking for the right platform for my train. Eventually I found it, and from there it was smooth sailing.

I took the train to Bondi Junction where I switched to the 389 Bus to Bondi Beach. Despite the fact that it was in the low to mid 60s I was in my bathing suit, a t-shirt and my Tesla corporate jacket. I hadn’t yet gotten breakfast and I was quite hungry so I stopped at a place called Depot.

I ordered a mocha coffee as I had the day before and the “big breakfast.” As it’s name described, it was big; toast, eggs, avocado, spinach, tomato, ham and bacon. While eating, a non-accent couple sat next to me. I asked if they were American and sure enough, they were from New York. They were transplants temporarily living in Sydney. They told me I had picked a good local spot to eat. Honestly, it was the closest spot to where the bus dropped off.

img_4783Bondi Beach

After filling my tank and paying, I cross the street and down the hill/stairs to the beach. I changed out of my sneakers and into my sandals. I then made my way onto the beach. I walked along the shore and let the water run over my feet. Not only was it not warm outside, but the water was cold too. Eventually I got used to it but the initial shock was a lot. My initial plan was to try and learn surfing but in this weather, that wasn’t gonna happen.

Soon my flip flops were becoming uncomfortable and weighing me down either by the waves or by sinking into the sand, so I took them off and carried them. Barefoot was definitely the way to go. As I go used to the water temperature I let it splash higher and higher, almost up to my waist.

Eventually, I got to the other side where I left my backpack, sandals, jacket and t-shirt on a rock and waded in a bit. I bent over to get my hair wet. I purposely hadn’t showered and so the ocean was my shower. Shortly after, I walked back to the other side, appreciating the women in bikini’s as I did. I cleaned off my feet and found a bench to (I realize this is lame) sit and post an Instagram.

While on it, I found out that my friends Nick and Liz, who I knew were set to get married this month, had gotten married. I posted a congratulatory message before heading to to restroom briefly and then to the bus. On the way back to Bondi Junction, the breakfast and coffee caught up to me. Luckily, the stop right before my stop was at a mall around the corner. I got off there and ran to the bathroom.

My body isn’t used to that much food in the morning and the coffee certainly didn’t help. I used the opportunity to change into my pants and sneakers. I then walked to Bondi Junction and hopped the train to Town Hall. There I got off and made my way down George St to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

img_4788Inside the Strand Arcade

Along the way I stopped into the Strand Arcade, a sight I’d been meaning to check off my list since day one. Additionally, I passed the downtown Tesla store and since I was in my corp jacket, was compelled to stop in again. I saw Hardeep and, to my surprise Adele (who apparently splits her time between both stores) and chatted for a bit before continuing on to the MCA.

Thanks to my early start time, I arrived at the museum at 11:30am, still super early in the day. I took my time going through each of the exhibits. Not only was it a very interesting museum, but I knew I had the time to spare. Eventually I left and headed out to the Museum of Sydney. Unfortunately it was one of the few museums you had to pay to enter, so I skipped it.

img_4794This might look like a regular bicycle, but look closer, it’s actually a sculpture with three bikes combined; photo taken at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Instead I looked up the locations of some the places they shot The Matrix. I was able to find a few of the key exteriors. I then found the building which houses the O Bar so I would know where to go tomorrow night. After that I gave into a craving I had been fighting since the day previous, Doughnut Time.

When I saw it in Melbourne I was unaware it was a chain. I knew I was sort of near one so I headed to the QVB and found their underground (literally, it’s below street level) location. Once it was my turn to order, I was faced with a terrible dilemma. do I go with the Oreo one, which is what I had my heart set on, the Kit-Kat one or the Ferrero Rocher one. The woman behind the counter told me that the one I’d been originally looking at had a creme filling. That sold it for me.

img_4804One of the buildings used as an exterior for the movie The Matrix

I took my doughnut to nearby Town Hall square and ate half of it on a bench before packing the other half up and taking it back to the hostel.

To be continued…

I went back to the room and decided to try taking a dip in the pool. However, when I got up there the pool was not as heated as I expected it to be. So after getting a little higher than knee deep, I turned back and went down to my room again.

There I changed back to my regular clothes and headed out to The Local Taphouse, a bar I had researched before leaving. Since it was so early (~6pm), and a Monday night, it was pretty dead. I ordered a burger and, since I was trying to conserve money, just got a water.

img_4811The Local Taphouse

I slowly made my way through my burger before heading back to my hostel. I only stopped into the lobby to see if there were any activities planned for that night. Seeing that there were none, I made my way out to Darling Harbour. My plan was to check out a night club called Home, but it was too early in the evening so they weren’t open yet.

I ended up just awkwardly climbing the same rope mountain thing I had climbed the day previous before heading back to the hostel. Along the way I grabbed a couple of drinks at the local mini-mart. I think after that I just updated photos to some of the previous blogs posts before going to bed.


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