Christmas Presents 2016

As usual, here is my annual post telling you what I got for Christmas. Things were a bit more low key this year, but I am still very happy with how the day went, all the people I got to see and the gifts that I received. I try to ask for things I need rather than things I want. I hate clutter so the less excess stuff I have, the better.


Starting from the left (btw, this is a pano, so that’s why some things look jankey):

1. Burton Wheelie Flight Deck suitcase – I have been coveting a Burton suitcase since April/May of 2015. When my fam came to visit me in NY for the Sox/Yankees game, we stopped by the Burton flagship store in Soho. I saw a really nice suitcase I wanted but didn’t need for ~$220. It has been in my subconscious ever since. Though I still technically didn’t/don’t need a new suitcase (my current one works perfectly fine and has served me well for YEARS), the big baby in me likes getting new things and since I have a vaca planned for the spring, I thought it would be cool to have a new one

2. Boxer shorts – something that it’s always good to have more of  but that I hate buying for myself

3. Cowboy Beebop: The Complete Series (Blu ray) – I have been a fan of Beebop (pictured below the boxer shorts) since my junior year of college. Since I no longer watch cable, I never get to catch it on TV. I got a craving for the show the other day and thought, let me put it on my xmas list. Since I currently don’t have a show to watch (my free trial of Amazon Prime ran out so I no longer can watch Top Gear er, I mean The Grand Tour) I will rewatch this

4. Lint roller – I have no idea why my mom got this for me. I never asked for one and don’t really need it but I’ll just bring it to work and spread the wealth

5. Austin Powers 3 Film Collection (DVD)– up until now I only owned AP 1 and 2 on VHS and 3 was on DVD. Well now I finally have them all on a relevant (sort of) format. We had all gotten a hankering to watch them when doing our Bond marathon, so now I/we finally can.

6. Floss things – these little “needles” help to thread floss through my permanent retainer (now you know I have one). I hate buying them because they’re expensive (for what they are) and you don’t get a lot in each pack. So, these packs (I got two) should keep me all set for a while

7. Assorted snacks – popcorn, Milky Way, Ghirardelli, Reese’s Pieces

8. Grooming kit – nail clippers and such; despite the fact that I already have one, this second one will allow me to keep one in my suitcase at all times and avoid forgetting to bring these things when I go on vacation

9. Pajama Pants – I need another pair of PJ pants like I need a hole in the head, but it’s still good to have. Plus, maybe I can keep a pair at my parents house so I don’t have to bring any when I spend the night there

10. Plain White/Black Shirts – always good to have more of these

11. Darth Vader Boxer Shorts – these came in a rubber/plastic Vader helmet which is what you see in the picture. The helmet is displayed on the top of my bookcase

12. Scratch ticket – I won $5; still need to cash it in

13. Assorted Gift Cards – Urban Outfitters (earmarked for pants), Dunkin’ Donuts (2), Stop and Shop

14. Daft Punk Discovery on vinyl – every time I go into Newbury Comics I look at this album, pick it up, hold it and think, “someday you will be mine.” Then I put it back down and never buy it. Now I don’t have to. Discovery is one of the best albums ever made. It is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of Daft Punk’s career. Like Rumors for Fleetwood Mack or IV for Led Zeppelin, not only is basically every song a hit, but everything about it is timeless.

15. 45 RPM adaptor – this plastic insert was not really one of my gifts, but a spare part from one of my parents gifts; they got a new record player

16. Cheese Cutter – now I can really cut the cheese. (Obligatory stupid joke over). Despite the fact that I do have a cheese knife, this has always been my preferred method for slicing cheese so it’s nice to have one in my life again

Not pictured:

1. $20 from my Auntie Jeanne

2. $50 from my Grandpa

So, if you’re looking for someone to mug this season, I’m your guy. My wallet has exactly $70 in it; 70 times more money than it usually has!

As always, I do this not to brag and not out of vanity, but so that I can organizationally remember what I got and (hopefully) put it all to good use over the years to come.


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