Be Happy With Less

The other day my co-workers told me about a documentary on Netflix about the principles of minimalism. Not the art style minimalism, although that may indirectly apply, but the concept as a way of living.

Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things is a film that follows two guys, “The Minimalists,” who travel the US spreading the gospel of a minimalist lifestyle. The principals and ideologies they preach are ones I myself have already been trying to adopt.

I realized years ago that the possessions I coveted didn’t bring me happiness. There was the initial transitory pleasure of having something new, and then an immediate drop off of happiness that made me feel depressed.

Since then, I have really done my best to try and not buy things I don’t need. I try and think really hard if it is something I will really use and if not, it probably won’t make my life any more meaningful.

The movie is, I’ll admit, a bit preachy at times. The guys can have a bit of “crunchy” Hippy vibe. All of this may make you roll your eyes, nonetheless, the message is no less poignant and helped to reaffirm my belief in this way of life.

Additional info:

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