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On A Roll

For the past 3 weeks I have gone to a museum. First the Met, then the Met Breuer and now The Brooklyn Museum and the MoMA. Read on


I had been having a shitty day at work. Additionally, I had recently read about a new(?) bar in Manhattan called Patent Pending. The bar is a Nikola Tesla “themed” speakeasy and based on the pictures in Time Out Magazine, I was itching to go.

After coming home and changing into a button up shirt, I hopped on the (5), took it to 14th Street, switched to the (6) and took it to 28th St. From there it was a relatively short walk to the coffee shop that fronts in the daytime as a… well coffee shop and in the night is transformed to a speakeasy.

After being buzzed in, I told the woman behind the counter I didn’t have a reservation. She let me in to the small waiting area where I was able to hang up my coat and get a beer. I chilled there and finished my milk stout just in time for a spot to open up at the bar. There I ordered a pilsner which I sipped slowly while taking in the dark cavernous atmosphere.

When it came time to pay, I realized that the bar tender had only charged me for the the drink I’d ordered at the bar and not the one I’d ordered while in the waiting area. I mentioned this and he said, “I didn’t see anything.” Pleased by getting off easy, I tipped better than I normally would have and left.


The first thing I did in the morning was my laundry as I was in desperate need to do so. Once done I got showered and dressed and made my way to the Brooklyn Museum. The email I’d received the day prior told me to arrive a half an hour early.

By the time my train arrived and I walked to the exhibit entrance, it was 11:19 and my entry time was 11:30. Luckily there was not a line like the one which had been described in the aforementioned email. So I killed 11 minutes looking at some art deco furniture before heading back to the entrance.

The employee there scanned the e-ticket on my phone and I was on my way in to David Bowie is. This is an exhibit that had traveled from the V&A Museum in London and so I knew I had to catch it while it was in town. Without going into too many details, the exhibit was pretty cool.

Visitors are not allowed to take pictures, however, there was a cool audio guide that worked on bluetooth. As you walked to various sections of the exhibit, the bluetooth receiver would pick up the frequency of the device you were wearing and switch to the appropriate track. I ended up spending about 3 hours there.

After leaving the museum, I made my way to the nearby Brooklyn Public Library. I’d received an email that the book I’d requested,  How To American: An Immigrants Guide to Disappointing Your Parents by Jimmy O. Yang, was in.

Though I’d just started House of Leaves, I decided to check this out as well because it is much shorter and I’d found out that my co-worker owns it so I can just borrow House of Leaves for as long as I want once I’m done with this one.

When I got home, I took care of some housekeeping, cut my nails, shaved, ate, put my clothes away and put my dishes away. Next I read the prolog, introduction and first chapter of How To American. After that I watched the last episode of season two of The Grand Tour and the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death before going to bed.


I woke up this morning and made it my mission to get to the 10am screening of Isle of Dogs at the Alamo Drafthouse. After having a small breakfast and a quick shower, I hopped the (5) to Borough Hall and got the the theater just in time to score the last back row seat.

I watched all of the pre-movie content that Alamo curates which was, as usual, really great before jumping into the movie. Without going into detail, I really enjoyed it. It was laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarming and sub-textually (or perhaps overtly) political. I hope it gets nominated for Best Animated Feature.

After the movie, I walked to the (F) and took it to 57th St. There I headed south to 4 E 54th St, a building I knew to be historically significant, before heading into my true destination, the MoMA.

I love having my membership card because it makes it really easy to just go there whenever you want and not worry about paying. I started at the 5th floor and worked my way down. I passed the very crowded Starry Night before moving on to this great painting of a couple kissing. I didn’t take a photo of the info card so I don’t have the official name or the artists name, but I really liked it.


I somewhat quickly made my way through the museum, not that I was in a rush per se, but mainly because it was busy and I only wanted to spend time with the things I really wanted to see. After retrieving my bag and jacket, I strolled through the Sculpture Garden before entering the Education and Research Center. There, I spotted an old F1 car mounted on the wall of which I wanted to take a closer look.

IMG_8239Alain Prost’s 1990 Ferrari F1 car (photo has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise)

Because it was red, I knew it had to be a Ferrari and, by a rough guess of the era of car based on the body style, I thought it to be Alain Prost’s car. Sure enough, upon reading the information card, I was correct.

I starred at it for quite a long time, gazing at the wings, aerodynamics and the tight weave of the carbon fiber before moving on.

Next I made my way to another building that I had noticed from a window of the museum (550 Madison Ave) before going to the MoMA Design Store to catch a glimpse of the KAWS BFF Companion window display. Once there, I entered the store and strolled around a bit. A $25 vintage Casio watch caught my eye, but I really didn’t need to make a frivolous purchase.

IMG_8246KAWS BFF Companion window display

After that I headed to the (F) and took it back to Jay Street where I exited and transferred to the (4) at Borough Hall. While On the platform, I saw that the next (5) train, the one I needed to get home, was 13 minutes away.

I had a plan. Rather than wait like a chump I was going to get off at Grand Army Plaza, walk to the Brooklyn Library, return House of Leaves, walk up Eastern Parkway to the Brooklyn Museum station and hopefully get there in time to catch the (5). Sure enough, my plan worked out perfectly, I arrived at the Brooklyn Museum station just as the (5) was pulling in. Damn I’m good.

Once home I made/ate dinner and wrote this while listening to the Isle of Dogs soundtrack and later The Shape of Water soundtrack, which by the way are both done by Alexandre Desplat, who knew!

I plan to finish just in time to get into my jim-jams and watch Silicon Valley the premier of Barry on HBO. Not a tad bad.


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Catching Up

Hey y’all, I writing to catch you up as to what I’ve been up to so far. As I mentioned in my previous post, a little over a month ago I moved back to New York. I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things and hanging out with a lot of people and taking a lot of pictures, and yet, I’ve posted none of it.

I think because I’m now on a computer all day at work, the last thing I want to do when I get home is drain my eyes with more computer time. Not to say I haven’t been spending my fair share of free time on the computer, but, now that weather is consistently nice, I’ve been trying to take advantage of it.

What I have been doing, in lieu of writing digitally is to keep a physical, tangible journal. Ever since coming back from Japan, where I was writing what I did every day, it was a tough habit to break. I’m glad though because it lets me know what I did each day and, I feel keeps me productive.

Not everything I do every day or every weekend is interesting, but as I means of trying to trim the fat, I’m going to pull a few highlights from the last few weeks and make a digital copy of them here on HWS. I’m sure you’re waiting with baited breath. As usual, this is more for me than it is for you.

4/30/17 (Sun) test rode a bike at Van Moof

5/2/17 (Tue) dinner at Momofuku Noodles – pork buns and chocolate malted truffles

5/4/17 (Thurs) dinner at Black Flamingo

IMG_6973Discension art installation 5/6

5/5/17 (Fri) Alligator Lounge for karaoke

5/6/17 (Sat) New York Bike Expo + Discension art installation + housewarming party at co-workers apartment

5/10/17 (Wed) dinner with Jon Papp

IMG_6987Home Sweet Home 5/12

5/12/17 (Fri) New York Night Train at Home Sweet Home with co-worker

5/15/17 (Mon) dinner with Katie at Korean Place

5/17/17 (Wed) chilled with Guto, got drinks at Nostrand Pub, dollar pizza, went back to his apt, chilled on his roof

IMG_6997My studio as I moved in/organized my stuff 5/24

5/19/17 (Fri) Alien Covenant with Papp, chased the movie with drinks at Videology, went to Rebecca’s (bar) where we met up with Katie and Brandon, macked on some biddies

5/20/17 (Sat) IKEA adventure during the day, stoop life at night

5/21/17 (Sun) moved into apartment, went to Smorgasburg with co-workers

IMG_7019Hovercraft and other rich people toys at Hammacher Schlemmer 6/3

5/24/17 (Wed) movers came and I spent all day getting the apartment organized

5/27/17 (Sat) hair cut, biked through Prospect Park, chilled at Sam Cooper’s

5/28/17 (Sun) biked to Coney Island

IMG_7046Looking back on Manhattan from the Williamsburg Bridge 6/8

5/30/17 (Tue) got Brooklyn Library card

5/31/17 (Wed) chilled with Steve at my apt

6/2/17 (Fri) Mom came to visit, went to Eataly, found $5 on the sidewalk

IMG_8022Berry Park with co-workers on 6/9

6/3/17 (Sat) Brooklyn Bread Cafe, went to Ed Sullivan Theatre, Hammacher Schlemmer, CB2, Bellstaff, cut through Central Park, Zabars, walked to The MET (opera), dinner at Liz and Tim’s apartment

6/6/17 (Tue) got Manhattan Library card

6/8/17 (Thurs) biked to work, raced co-worker to Union Sq (her on foot + train, me on bike) from Queens and I won, watched movie for World Ocean day, got lost biking home and ended up at Katie/Dilila’s apt and chilled for a bit before heading home

IMG_7066Westfield World Trade Center mall on 6/10

6/9/17 (Fri) went to Berry Park (rooftop bar) with co-workers after work, went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see It Comes at Night

6/10/17 (Sat) biked across the Brooklyn Bridge to Fulton Center, went to the Westfield World Trade Center (mall), biked to the Fulton Market and saw Seaport Summer setup, checked out the 1 Hotel, 5-hour outing

From now on, anything that’s remotely interesting that I took pictures during but didn’t post to Instagram is going on here.

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